Roof Inspection Services

roof-inspection-3A ny roof inspection should look at the roof, of course, but the roof surface is only one item that should be checked. The first thing to look at is your files. Do you have all of the paperwork you need? How about a copy of the warranty? Do you have the names and phone numbers of the companies that have been involved with the roof — previous inspectors, roofing contractors, architects, manufacturer technical services? You should have a copy of all the repair orders and the results of the repairs made. Finally, there should be a roof plan, drawn to scale, that not only shows all the equipment on the roof, but also the locations of any leaks and any repairs made.

The roof covering has a definite life span and even minimal windstorms or hurricanes and hail damage can cause substantial damage if the roof is not properly maintained or in need of replacement. A Vcita Home Inspection & Services Inspection is designed to identify and provide information on the condition of the roof, its age, and remaining useful life.