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Why a Vcita Home inspector should be called BEFORE you list your home for sale. Picture that you are welling a home and a buyer is willing to go all in for your house. Now what if the buyer decided that they would like someone to check the house and all of a sudden, the other inspector found many problems with the house.

Now you’re faced with a decision. You can either spend a lot of money fixing the problems, lower the price of the home, or risk losing the sale altogether. The amount of stress that comes with selling a house is very high much less having to deal with this kind of circumstance. Well Vcita Home Inspection has a way to help you avoid this kind of circumstances.

Now what if before you even contacted a relator you had spoken to a qualified Vcita home inspector? Your Vcita inspector will do a complete inspection from top to bottom. This will provide a complete list of any and all deficiencies in your home. Now you will be able to fix any problems with the home and when you do choose to sell it you will not have to worry that there will be any issues.

When you’ve had your house pre-inspected, you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind when you list your home for sale. That’s because you won’t need to worry about a buyer’s inspector coming back with a list of unanticipated deficiencies after a signed agreement has been reached.

Your Vcita pre-inspection gives you the power to sell you house for the price you deserve, rather than on wishful thinking. This will make selling your house that much easier so that when people do decide to put in an offer you can let them know that everything in your house is fixed and ready to go.

But remember for a pre-inspection to be most profitable you will need to contact a Vcita Home inspector who will guarantee that the inspection will be through and honest in opinion.. Here at Vcita we hire the best certified Inspector to make sure that you home is ready to go when you choose to sell. Our inspectors are the best in the field…experienced, knowledgeable, and impartial.

When it’s time to contract with an inspector, think Vcita Home Inspection to be there for you when you need them. To schedule an
inspection, click SCHEDULE AN INSPECTION or call us at 954-295-5216